In today’s fast-paced age, the right balance for most advertised lies the mixture of traditional and digital advertising. Brands on Road does precisely that when it comes to Out of Home Advertising. It is an advertising platform that empowers brands through technologies that traditional out of home advertising do not provide. Brands on Road is challenging the Out of Home advertising landscape with its creative, impactful, and cost-effective approach. For example, the mere fact that commuters in Bangkok, Thailand spend over 60 hours in traffic annually empowers Brands on Road to provide advertisers with some of the most effective and efficient DOOH advertising. Brands on Road leverages this commuting time of the audience to enhance awareness, engagements, and brand values with targeted advertising campaigns. The vehicles themselves become the moving billboards traversing the roads amidst consumers. Our motto says it all- ‘We’re Driving Your Brand to Your Customers’. As we grow the functionality and footprint of our platform, we have already had the opportunity to run pilot campaigns for the likes of FoodPanda, Mizumi, Kaidee, P&G, Rabbit Finance, Toshiba, Trip(.)com, MI, Wiko et al.

How is Brands on Road Changing the Out of Home Advertising?

      1. Beyond Billboards, Beyond Awareness!

Brands on Road is the first advertising platform in Thailand that took a different standpoint on roads and ad campaigns. Rather than placing the ad above everyone on a giant board, it took the ads amongst the people. This move helped in building an instant brand engagement, beyond awareness, with the consumer. Brands on Road leverages one Bangkok’s commute lifelines – taxis. With an ecosystem of Taxi top screens, taxi wraps, and in-car social box, Brands on Road helps marketers incentivize engagements, create value for consumers, and generate lasting brand recall.

      2. Targeting and Reporting in Real Time

With the pervasive nature of digital advertising, the biggest criticisms of out of home advertising have been its limitations in targeting and reporting. Brands on Road addresses this problem head-on. Our dashboard allows advertisers the ability to choose between campaign types, manage targeting, view live reports, and make strategic decisions in real-time. 

      3. Cost-effective, Flexible, Impactful, and Scalable Campaigns

Buying advertising space in the middle of Sukhumvit can cost you a fortune. If you are a small brand, it would be difficult for you even to get that space. But Brands on Road makes it possible that your advertising campaign reaches there and everywhere else, for a fraction of the cost. Taxi based ads are effective and memorable. They are a lot cheaper than other traditional Out of Home advertising campaigns on prime locations. Brands on Road is a cost-effective, flexible, impactful, and scalable platform to run your advertising campaigns for your brand.

      4. Single Dashboard Management, Smart Campaigns, and Audience Interactions

Brands on Road provides multiple advantages over conventional OOH- innovative, cost-effective, traceable, intelligent, flexible, the list goes on! The most attractive aspect of this platform, however, is the ability to package powerful campaign capabilities into an easy-to-use intuitive platform. Advertisers can go from sign-up to live campaigns on the roads in less than an hour and go live. It provides the option to upload and manage media, run smart campaigns, reach your audience, and view reports. All of this happens on a single dashboard, so it doesn’t take an expert to use it.

Jump on board with us as we drive your brand to your customers.

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