Did you know Bangkok was marked the world’s 10th most traffic-congested city in 2020? Studies show that commuters in Bangkok spend more than 60 hours in road traffic annually. So why not leverage the traffic factor to level up your communication game with your potential audience?  Yes, you heard it right. DOOH in Bangkok can be one of the high-impact advertising mediums to top your brand engagement strategies. Let’s discuss how Bangkok roads can be your go to advertising space when it comes to beefing up your brand awareness.  Weave your brand awareness with DOOH in Bangkok  Wondering as to how Digital Out Of Home Advertising in Bangkok can perform wonders for your business? Fret not! We can help you understand the best benefits of leveraging DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising in Bangkok. Read on.  Brand boost with road traffic – Digital Out Of Home Advertising in Bangkok As discussed earlier, Bangkok is one of the most congested places in the world. This means that for several hours every day, your potential customers are out and stuck in traffic. This is the reason why Thailand has been witnessing one of the most rapid growths in outdoor advertising spend. Thus, leveraging the power of DOOH, especially in Bangkok, can work wonders for you. It can help you gain abundant awareness and traction for your business.  Research suggests that the Global DOOH market will reach around $8,393.3 million by 2023. You can use DOOH strategies to reach your customers in times when they are looking for mediums to distract themselves from the traffic chaos. Sounds good?  Bangkok traffic We, at Brands On Road, can help you win your DOOH objectives in Bangkok. We can provide you with a clear, simple and impactful medium to engage with your consumers. Get in touch with us today.  Reimagine your brand awareness with a city that loves media consumption  According to a digital report, around 74% of Thais are active social media users. Some of the most loved digital platforms in Thailand are YouTube, Facebook and Line.  Due to escalating social media consumption, online advertising has also witnessed a good amount of growth and will continue to do so in the near future. Given the love for digital content consumption among Thai consumers, Bangkok becomes an essential spot to showcase your brand digitally. And DOOH in Bangkok can help you utilize the best of both worlds – outdoor advertising and digital capabilities. Add DOOH as a core advertising channel to catalyze the communication between you and your customers.  Utilize powerful DOOH advertising capabilities with Brands on Road in Bangkok. We have got you covered. As our motto suggests, we can ‘drive your brand to your consumers’. With taxi-top screens, taxi wraps and an exciting in-car social box, we help take your advertising game to the next level. Book your brand’s success ride with us.  Mark your business presence in Bangkok’s booming ecosystem  The startup ecosystem is rapidly growing in Thailand. Forbes marked Thailand as the 8th most emerging market of 2020. With all players flocking to digital-only advertising, an awesome out of home campaign can be the key differentiator for your brand..  With us, you can integrate targeting and analysis capabilities of digital channels to your Out Of Home advertising campaigns. Generate better awareness, engagement and conversions with us. Want to understand how we can help you? Read here! Find the best strategies to build brand awareness with the key advantages that DOOH has to offer in Bangkok.  Let us help you achieve your advertising goals. It’s time for your brand to rule the roads of Bangkok! Let us be your wheels in your journey to success.  To moving forward towards growth! 

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