In the present fast-paced digital world, it is essential to keep coming up with innovative campaign ideas to attract your audiences’ attention. At Brands On Road, we aim to help you generate customer engagements via unique and creative DOOH campaigns. In this article, we shall discuss the best innovative DOOH campaign ideas that can help your brand outshine all the other competition in the congested roads of Bangkok. 

Build up your advertising goals with our exceptional campaign ideas 

Innovation helps you gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd. We are Thailand’s first digital OOH company providing top-mounted LED screens. Let us discuss three types of advertising campaigns that we can perform for you utilizing our digital technologies. 

1. Weather-based campaigns 

Weather-based advertising has been quite popular in the digital world. The whole idea is to target consumers based on their local weather conditions. Wondering how weather can impact your business engagements? Let us explain how weather can affect customer interactions with your brand.  Imagine the city’s temperatures rising up. In such scenarios, consumers are more likely to spend on chilled coolers, a  glass of cold coffee or a cone of ice cream. So, if you are in the food industry, you can probably use the temperature advantage to promote your products. Weather is one of the main determinants of consumer’s interaction with brands, especially when it comes to industries like food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and others.  At Brands On Road, we have the most effective brand awareness solutions for you. As we are compatible with programmatic platforms, we enable you to display the right ads with the right context to the right audience at the right time. Weather-based advertising campaigns are responsive in nature. With real-time analytics, find the best ROI for your business with us. Let our taxi top screens showcase your weather-friendly ads best suitable for your business awareness. 

2. Location powered campaigns 

DOOH has been providing advertisers with new possibilities such as hyper-targeting, retargeting, and many more. Location forms an important part of DOOH advertising and allows in-depth insights into audience interaction with a DOOH ad. Leveraging geofencing along with DOOH is especially beneficial for multi-branch retailers.  At Brands On Road, we can help you run smart ad campaigns. Our taxi screens can automatically display your advertisements whenever they enter a 500-meter radius of your store. This can help you generate store walk-ins and provide a boost to your customer engagements. It’s time to go location-friendly and hit the roads in style. 

3. Impactful campaigns for event amplifications  

It’s time to take your events where your audience is. We, at Brands On Road, can help you with strategizing the right event-based campaign for your brand. With our smart digital tools and features like geo-location trackers, our screens can showcase your promotional ads as soon as they enter the 1km radius of the event. This helps you expand the popularity of your event beyond physical bounds.  For instance, a rider will see your ad while boarding the taxi. He/She also sees an in-car placard promoting your event. The rider scans the QR code and is redirected to the seat booking page. He/She will book the seat as per his/her preference and can save himself/herself from the hassle of standing in long queues.  Unique DOOH campaign ideas can beef up your brand awareness initiatives. Let us help you design and display the best ad campaigns for your brand. Take a ride with Brands On Road today.   

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