Out-of-home advertising has surely taken a backseat given the pandemic situation across the globe. But with the growing popularity of digital inventories, there’s still a silver lining for brands to strategically place their ad campaigns in the public. Brands can utilize the increased opportunity that comes with the smart integration of digital approaches to connect smartly with their audience. In this article, we shall discuss how brands can benefit from the consistent expansions of digital tools and DOOH advertising during the pandemic. 

Stay on top of your AD campaigns with DOOH technology-based approaches 

DOOH can provide brands with immense flexibility to deliver meaningful ad campaigns in the present social-distant environment. Let’s try to comprehend this by taking the example of a restaurant business. In case of partial lockdown scenarios,  restaurant businesses can leverage DOOH to let customers know that they have started dine-in options and follow all Covid guidelines to ensure customer safety. DOOH campaigns can be great mediums for making brand announcements in public. Be it restaurants, local supermarkets, or any other business entity,  all of them can come up with their unique ad content to stay relevant in the market.  Advertisers can also tweak their ad content to fit into surrounding situations. Maybe, a creative can display a Covid-friendly message from a  brand to highlight a concern for their audience.  As digital has turned the new normal now, DOOH advertising has full potential to garner audience attention in a closed environment. With lockdowns slowly phasing out, digital displays like our taxi-top LED screens can help brands connect efficiently with their audience in a contactless milieu. 

How DOOH advertising with Brands On Road can take your brand awareness to the next level during the pandemic? 

The pandemic has spurred the outdoor advertising industry to invest in technologies that can establish contactless communication experiences with audiences. We, at Brands On Road, can help you achieve the same. By utilizing our geo-targeting capabilities, brands can reach locations that are more likely to see traffic. We support efficient programmatic DOOH tools to interact with the audience in real-time. With a live feed of key performance metrics, brands can evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.  Moreover, our programmatic DOOH techniques can help brands push the movement of ads to where audience presence is the most. With digital advancements garnering attention more than ever, brands can re-innovate their ad strategies to fit into the changing consumer behavior patterns.  Take a ride with Brands On Road to leverage smart DOOH technologies and witness the best campaign outcomes for your brand.   

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