The resurgence of DOOH in post-pandemic Bangkok

Bangkok is back to witnessing gridlock during peak hours as Covid measures ease across the city. It’s time that brands and marketers get ready to own the streets again with DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) advertising. As per a Statista study, the global ad spending on DOOH is projected to rise to 15.9 billion US dollars by 2027. […]

How IoT and AI are changing the future of Digital Out Of Home Advertising

IoT and AI have given way to more creativity and greater expansion of the digital advertising industry. Let us discuss how they play an important role in changing the future of Digital Out Of Home Advertising.  Marching towards smarter digital OOH innovations with IoT and AI    The constant technical advancements have encouraged better development […]

The Blurring Lines Between Digital and Out of Home Advertising

In the present fast-paced milieu, almost everything is turning digital. According to the Gartner Report, around 91% of the organizations are involved in some kind of digital initiative. It is undeniable that the advertising industry has undergone a dramatic digital transformation. Out Of Home advertising remains one of the most traditional forms of advertising. The […]