IoT and AI have given way to more creativity and greater expansion of the digital advertising industry. Let us discuss how they play an important role in changing the future of Digital Out Of Home Advertising. 

Marching towards smarter digital OOH innovations with IoT and AI 

Smarter digital OOH innovations with IoT and AI   The constant technical advancements have encouraged better development of Digital Out Of Home Advertising. They help you reach a wider audience and deliver real-time content. AI helps you target the right person at the right time while IoT helps you innovate smarter DOOH ads. IoT technologies give you a sneak peek into real-time analytics and performance of your business. They have cleared the way to more innovations in the advertising industry.  With IoT and AI, you can level up your digital out of home advertising game. You can monitor and track impressions without hassles. We feel glad to mention that we were able to generate around 19 million impressions for our customers in April 2021. Thanks to IoT and AI, digitalization is constantly merging with the physical world. At Brands On Road, we have leveraged both IoT and AI to give your DOOH advertising the most innovative approach. We are Thailand’s first digital OOH company. We provide the best taxi-based advertising solutions that help you run your ads parallely at multiple locations. With us, you can target your on road audiences in the best possible ways. What are you waiting for? Connect with us today. 

How IoT and AI will play a major role in changing the future of DOOH? 

How IoT and AI will play a major role in changing the future of DOOH Studies indicate that the IoT market will reach $142 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 17%.  With IoT connectivity, you can unlock unlimited advantages for your DOOH campaigns. The use of IoT in DOOH is on the rise and has paved the way for smooth customer engagement. IoT and AI hold great potential for the future of the DOOH industry. You can utilize them to design programmatic technologies. They will help your customers connect to your brand with the help of a QR code. With this, your brand’s performance can be monitored real-time.  Brands On Road can help obtain the highest ROI for your advertising campaigns. We utilize geo-targeting technologies to identify the best areas that can help boost your brand awareness efforts. We have an in-car social box via which your audience can engage with your brand on their personal devices. Thus, IoT connectivity and AI practices are a great boon when it comes to enhancing your DOOH advertising game.  Such kind of smart and innovative integrations enable you to analyze data in-depth and design your ads by mapping to your customer’s unique needs. Artificial Intelligence also plays an important role in transforming the digital outdoor advertising industry. It is turning digital signage more innovative. AI ensures that you make the right ad placement at the right time.  We can help you outsmart your competition by leveraging the latest IoT and AI technologies. You can run campaigns across multiple cities and manage all of them from a single dashboard. Powered by real-time ad statistics, our DOOH model can help you beef up your customer engagement strategies. Get in touch with us. Let IoT and AI advancements take your branding goals to the next level. Keeping up with the latest can help you move faster towards your growth. 

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