The age of third-party cookies is coming to an end and it promises a significant change in advertising patterns. Farewell to third-party cookies would affect areas such as behavioral targeting, audience targeting, audience extension, and many more. In this article, we shall discuss the impact of the development of a cookieless world on Digital Out Of Home advertising. Let us dive deeper into facts that explain the relevance of DOOH advertising in a cookieless world. 

Elimination of third-party cookies – Is it a harbinger of new opportunities? 

It is a pretty evident fact that a cookieless world would change the way advertisers target consumers. But at the same time, it has the potential to unfold new possibilities and encourage advertisers to explore innovative ad strategies.  In cookieless times, DOOH advertising can prove to be a profitable escape for marketers. Advertisers can always leverage contextual marketing via DOOH advertising and build their customer base and engagement. Personalization for DOOH is not on a one-to-one basis. It is more dependent on localization. Hence, it is a good idea to shift your media investments to such cookieless digital platforms.  At Brands On Road, we help you run smart campaigns and target audiences based on geo-location and peak times. We can help you target and captivate on-road audiences like never before. 

Benefits of DOOH advertising in a crumbled-cookie milieu 

Let us discuss some points that will help you understand the advantages of DOOH advertising in a cookie-free era. 

DOOH is non-intrusive and respects the privacy of your consumers.

In today’s electronically inclined world, data privacy is one of the major priorities of all industries. And DOOH advertising practices are quite friendly with the idea of data protection. The best part about DOOH advertising is that it is totally non-invasive. It is one of those popular forms of advertising that does not need a consumer’s personal data. However, it builds powerful immersive experiences by leveraging only the common characteristics of audiences within a specific location. Thus, DOOH is a good advertising space to expand brand awareness and build effective customer engagements. 

DOOH offers customization to your audience without using third-party cookies

DOOH focuses on contextual ads and you can always personalize your advertisements without the use of third-party cookies. It generally depends on first-party data. It includes location, time, and other IoT sources. This way, you can customize ads for your consumers without bothering their data. DOOH focuses on customer engagement using non-personal information. Thus, it can be a preferred marketing channel for advertisers in the coming future. 

DOOH is compatible with programmatic advertising 

There are a plethora of opportunities that programmatic DOOH tends to provide. It helps you display your ad at the right time to the right audience at the right location. It enables you to target your audience just the way you want and opens up innovative advertising options for you.  At Brands On Road, we can help you build ad campaigns that are totally compatible with programmatic advertising. With our full taxi-based advertising, we believe in providing you with the perfect mix of online and offline advertising techniques. 

A cookieless world can’t stop you from reaching your customers! 

With DOOH, advertisers can always target their consumers in real-time and establish effective and meaningful communications with them. DOOH ads can be location-based, weather-based, or any other triggering factor concerning outdoor advertising. The execution of such campaigns does not require third-party cookies. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to invest your spending in DOOH advertising in a cookieless world.  It’s time that your digital ads hit the road! Ensure growing customer engagements even in a cookieless age with DOOH.

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